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Two friends, Caz and Dec, dream up inspiring adventures which help young minds (Key Stage 2) fulfil their potential.

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Caz and Dec


A growth mindset comic for children

My Story

Hi, I'm Alex King, creator of a FREE children's digital comic which will introduce young minds to the growth mindset. The first issue and story is all about BMX racing.

I was introduced to BMX racing through my daughter, who has been riding at Cyclopark from a young age. She began her journey on a Strider bike, moving onto a Frog bicycle and then quickly onto her first racing BMX. After standing around in the cold I also took up the sport and am now a passionate BMX rider and British Cycling qualified coach.


As a father looking to encourage my children, I wrote a story about two characters, Caz and Dec, who learn the importance of practice, failing and trying again.

The comic has been written for 7-11 year olds - Key Stage 2 in UK schools. The comic can be used to support children learning about the growth mindset but hopefully it's just a really cool story that kids will love to read and share.

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