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Delays and losing my way

I haven’t posted for a while due to there being a delay in receiving the final illustrated version of the comic. A lot of my focus was on receiving the final copy, commissioning the cover art and then reaching out to some businesses to see if they would purchase space in the comic to cover my costs. So I’ve been down various rabbit holes working around this next step.

The mistake has been waiting for one action to enable me to do another.

To be fair I feel it will be easier approaching a company with some final artwork vs my story and sketches. Nonetheless, I distracted myself by having a sole focus on this idea when there are many tasks I could complete while waiting for the final artwork. The one that springs to mind and something I’ll work on now is translating the story into other languages.

Why translate Caz and Dec?

As a free comic the only barrier to viewing and reading the comic will be access to the internet. So I’m going to reach out to friends and family and see if I can get Caz and Dec written in other languages. Spanish is my first target as I’m half-Mexican and so have a lot of family who I can call upon hah. Next will be French but I am hopeful a friend of mine in the Netherlands will help translate it into Dutch too. It’s a lot to ask perhaps of my friends and family and I am conscious of that. However, if you don’t ask you don’t get and of course they can always say no 😊

Business sponsors?

Speaking of asking people I’ve also been over-thinking and not doing much about contacting businesses that may sponsor the first story of Caz and Dec. Again, maybe I’m being a little harsh on myself because I have completed a lot of research and have a good story and reason that the comic could help support the businesses I’ve now listed to approach.

But that's enough working but not doing for now. I need to get the story translated, I need to contact some businesses and I also desperately need to start using the poor, neglected Instagram account too.

Onward and upwards and just fyi – final artwork is due:

Delivery date Apr 25, 07:29 AM

Whether this date is made or not however isn’t my focus now. I have to keep moving forward in whichever way possible at the time. For now, here is the first page of the comic for your viewing and you finally get to see Caz and Dec in all their glory :)

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