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Starting where I am

Welcome to my journey writing stories about Caz the Cat and Dec the Dog.

I have a great passion for many things.

As a creative person, I long to design, draw, write, compose and produce the many ideas I have. The problem with having so many ideas is focusing on one to fulfill and complete to its full potential.

Talking with a colleague of mine in my current role he imparted his experience of not fulfilling a passion & project of his, due to lacking a singular focus.

As such I have decided to rest my other hair-brained schemes and settle on this idea. To write, design and produce a free eBook about a cat and dog.

Why am I creating this book?

Well, it is a labour of love for me.

I have looked and publishing the book either by traditional means or by self-publishing myself. Both seem slow options and with the potential to earn money by both being limited I thought I would just get the story out there. In doing so and going through the process I hope to learn and grow myself.

So what is the story about? Well I will save the synopsis for my next post but not coincidentally it is about growth, development and the mindset to achieve those and other things #growthmindset #picturebook #firsttimewriter

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