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Failing well

I haven’t posted on my blog much despite wanting to post once a week. The problem isn’t the writing but in fact the images. I recently viewed some other best examples of blogs and the pairing of writing and photographic content was stunning. I do have a lot of images regarding Caz & Dec but naturally don’t want to give too much away. However, something big happened recently which will give me at least one image to share. I recently commissioned this fantastic cute artwork as a starting point for the picture book.

Cute Caz and Dec
Cute Caz and Dec

It was illustrated by the very talented artist. You can commission her to do your work here:

She was great to work with and took my character sketches and delivered them to the briefing.

In viewing this image I realised that this would great for my 4-year-old son but not my 8-year daughter. So I’m no longer writing/producing a picture book and I’m making an eComic (digital comic) instead.

So in trying to create a picture book I’ve “failed” already. But in doing so I’ve learned a lot already about my new path. I’m already working with another artist and rekindled an old passion of mine in reading graphic novels. I appreciate I talk a lot about the growth mindset but that is what the story and project is about. I hope you can see that I don’t just write about it but also try to live it too.

Thanks for reading and please drop a comment should you have any questions 😊

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