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So close now!

Hello everyone. Seems Sunday mornings is definitely the day for updating my blog. It feels natural to do it at this time when I’ve usually spent part of Saturday afternoon working on Caz and Dec. And so it was yesterday that I was working on a new website for Caz and Dec launch. Here is a sneak peek.

The current and original website was blog template and something I could amend in limited ways. It was the perfect introduction for me making my own website on Wix. With some understanding of the tools I was able then to go back into a new eBook store template and use the full suite of tools to customise the new site to a higher degree. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not amazing but it is another step forward and I’m of course happy to be learning new things. In order to change the website I need to now reassign the paid account to it and also switch the domains. Fiddly things I will leave for another day because when I launch the new website, hopefully you’ll also be able to download Caz and Dec free comic. I really like the new website and it’s gone really well, unlike my social media efforts.


For a long time I was struggling with Instagram because it’s hard to take “photos” of a comic, without giving the story away etc. I’m also not great at colour and so needed a theme and/or templates to help guide me in the creation process. I’ve found that now so that’s one problem solved but my tone of voice on Instagram isn’t really there yet. Of course it’s a work in progress but I post as Caz and Dec and myself and as a company all at the same time. It’s not working quite yet but we’ll get there. Whether I’ll get any followers well that’s the next problem to cover haha.

Launch date

It turns out there is an event called Free Comic Book Day. I had come across this because the free comics I’ve seen and downloaded in the Google Play Book store mention it. I realised that the date is actually coming up soon, August 14th. And so that is now the final deadline for me to publish my comic. I’ve finally started telling my friends and family about the finished comic and the only thing I’m now holding off on is seeing if I can find a corporate sponsor to back the comic. I’ve had a good conversation with one great company already and to be honest, if they have the artwork, I’m ready to go. Cross your fingers for me friends that we can get that sorted out this week :)

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